Positive Effects of Distance Learning in Nigeria on Nigerian Individuals

Nigeria is in the chain of global nations that have integrated distance learning into the higher education curriculum of their colleges and universities. Distance learning in Nigeria has turned over many a new leaf to be elevated to the level of study online across the world. The tremendous development of distance learning in this African nation is a booming and beneficial outcome of several factors contributing to the globalization of Nigeria. Many foreign institutes have crossed the boundaries of Nigeria to reach their online study programs out to Nigerian individuals. That is why study online in Nigeria is held with high recognition on the global platform.
Among the possible reasons contributing to the rising recognition of distance learning courses is social networking. Social networking is an all round activity from different perspectives – education, socialization, business, fun and enjoyment. Distance learning in Nigeria has profited from the use of social networking activity as a medium of delivering lessons to the learners. In Nigeria, the students pursuing online learning programs have found social networking to their delight. On social networking platforms, they make friends with other learners and interact with them to exchange ideas and discuss with them on their respective subjects. It has been a boon for study online in Nigeria.
Many world-class universities from the foreign lands have their own online forums. The institutes conducing distance learning in Nigeria, too, have integrated online forums and given their distant learners access to the forums. Forums are online discussion boards to seek solutions to problems and answers to queries. You can provide tips to others. This way, on forums, you can build and maintain healthy relationship with the other pursuers of the course that you have joined, to facilitate online study. Study online in Nigeria is an uber comfortable experience.
The young generation is addicted to social networking. Social networking activity has been an irresistible addiction for the teens and young adults. The sole purpose of using social media platforms with them is to make friends online and gossip with them to idle away time. But, the integration of social networking with distance learning in Nigeria has turned the picture to the positive side. The students have learnt to make good use of such online facilities for the benefit of their online study. The Nigerian social organizations are thankful to study online in Nigeria for the drive of social networking activity to positive directions.

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