Gome: Closed Store Buy “back Door” Only For You

Group buy time: at 19 o’clock on the February 13th? 21:00

Group buy Venue: U.S. flag ditches shop, Shapingba Wangfujing shops, pedestrian street shops Nanping

Registration: Phone Registration: 89,065,583; Online Application: http://cq.qq.com

Participate Daily appliance buy, can offer in advance to enjoy the Spring Festival, Chinese New Year and to ensure cheaper prices than the audience.… Read more

Technology Changed From A Comprehensive Introduction To The Self

From the “import” to the independent development


Home Appliances

Industry at the beginning, is a comprehensive introduction, including the introduction of production technology, production equipment, the introduction of the introduction of production lines, and even parts must be imported from abroad.… Read more

Seg Samsung Suspected “fake Restructuring?”


addition of one case of negative speculation typical. Suspended for nearly a month of SEG


(000 068), yesterday announced the termination of a sudden a major asset restructuring matters, because “the program is not yet complete restructuring matters,” and “planning for the next three months is no longer a major asset restructuring matters.”… Read more

Fastest Way To Lose Weight Chapter QS8

It is known to be a substantial appealing point of which sometimes people from around the world really feel verily that women and men could actually labor intensely in cases where people today will, no doubt slim away inherrent weight.
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Appliances Exciting Events Week In And Week Assessment (the Second Week Of The Month)

Events: Beauty




Program through

Comments: The U.S. takeover of electrical spent a lot of small Swan’s move caused widespread concern in the market. Recently, Midea and fund-raising 3.556 billion yuan to be re-financing package approved by the Shareholders General Assembly adopted, news came out that caused the stock price fell sharply.… Read more

MLS – Beckham is ready for action

Good news for Los Angeles Galaxy as the English midfielder is planning his comeback after around six months of absence due to an injury.

Although it is gong to take him a few more weeks to be physically fit and reach his optimum level, David Beckham has scheduled his return to competition for this upcoming Saturday, September 11, when Los Angeles Galaxy receives Columbus Crew.… Read more

Da sell 3.6 billion in cash or in most medium and large satisfied with the results – Da

Da, finally to large and medium
Electrical Sold! Da from last April to sign in and Paradise "strategy
Cooperation Agreement ", the results Yongle been
States United States Electric acquisition, sudden, 150 million yuan deposit is forfeited medium and large electrical storm; later acquisition of Dazhong Electrical Appliance Suning Appliance interested in, and make a long M & A "fishing expedition", until December 12, Suning Appliance formally announced its withdrawal from acquisition; 12 16 Gome held a full press conference hosted Dazhong Electronics, Gome president Chen Xiao, Gome was officially announced on the exclusive option to buy Dazhong Electric power, the purchase price was 36.5 billion yuan.… Read more